Ice-pocalypse 2013

Greetings from the Ice-pocalypse 2013! At this point I’ve done everything in my apartment except blog, so time to do that now!

All last week we heard warnings of ice and snow, but we mainly laughed it off – especially since there were warnings last weekend that didn’t amount to anything but cold rain. On Thursday, we started watching the news and the city-wide closures that were happening, so my boss decided to let us go home work early to beat the traffic before the bad storms. We took our work phones and computers home, just in case, so we could work from home on Friday if need be.


Turns out, we had to work from home on Friday! I’ve never worked from home before, but it’s safe to say I didn’t really like it. I literally rolled out of bed and sat down in our office in the guestroom. Luckily, it was a fairly slow work day, which was nice. Donovan invited one of our neighbors over (who was also off work) and they played video games all day. It sucked having to work while they were having fun, but at least I was in the comfort of my own home.

We ventured out at lunchtime to Chipotle, and the roads were icy, but not as bad as we thought. Came back home and finished working. Then, Chad, Dono, and I headed outside for a bit of play in the snow.


On Friday night, we built a fire in the fireplace and laid low – watching tv and movies. I think I went to bed at 9pm!

On Saturday morning we slept in a bit. I had originally planned to go to the Kiki La’Rue shopping event in Southlake with my friend Allison, but they rescheduled (and later cancelled) the event due to the weather. Our friend Chad came back over, and we spent a majority of time laying on the couch watching movies, doing laundry, and stoking the fireplace. We were itching to get out again, so we made the treacherous trek to CiCi’s Pizza since we figured they probably wouldn’t deliver.

Today has been a repeat of the previous 2 days – eat, sleep, watch tv, sit in front of the fire. We did attempt to make the hour drive to my parent’s house to see them, but the roads were just so bad that we turned around before we even got half way. Probably for the better.

I’ve already received an email from my boss to monitor the weather again tomorrow. I’m not sure how much I can take of this! I love the snow – playing in it, having the time off, etc – but I don’t like the option of not being able to go somewhere. It would have been nice to finish up Christmas present shopping today, or see my parents, go to the Kiki La’Rue event…but. Oh well. May be next weekend?

What did y’all do during the Ice-Pocalypse?


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