It’s that time of the year

It’s that time of the year when winter weight begins creeping back upon us. It doesn’t help that weekends like the Ice-pocalypse keep us forced indoors with nothing to eat but frozen food.

grocery 2

Last night I went to the grocery store after work to stock up on the essentials for the rest of the week, and I was shocked at how little was available to purchase! I had spent an hour or so meal planning and picking out the perfect meals to help us get back on track. When I turned the corner to the produce section, I became so frustrated with how little there was on the shelves. I mean – the only things left…cranberries, yellow squash, green beans, and lemons. WHAT. You can’t make ANYTHING worth eating with that! It was frustrating for 2 reasons — 1. Now I have to wait another few days before stocking up on healthy foods, which leaves us eating frozen/packaged food until produce/meat is delivered to the grocery. And 2. Just imagine all of the produce/meat/milk products that people purchased prior to the ice storm that they didn’t necessarily need…and is now going bad. What a waste!


Not to mention, I think I’m drinking too much caffeine again as I’m having trouble falling asleep at night. I need to get back in the gym and expend some energy. I hate being cooped up – it’s too difficult to get moving when everything is frozen outside for fear of slipping and falling. Don’t get me wrong, I love cold weather, and I think the snow is beautiful, but I don’t like the ice. Make it go away!

How do you people up north survive when everything is iced over??


One thought on “It’s that time of the year

  1. Oh my…those are mighty bare shelves–good think it isn’t the day before a major holiday–yikes!

    I think how people handle ice depends greatly on where they are at and how used to it they are. Here in MN we don’t quite get the full everything covered in ice issues like other places do. It is usually too cold for there to be freezing rain. The roads do get icy on occasion, but it is something most of us are used to so it isn’t such a huge deal. You learn real quick which shoes aren’t good to wear when it is icy out!

    Hope you can get out and about soon and are able to get fresh produce again!

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