A Crafty Christmas

This Christmas, Donovan and I are paying close attention to our budget…or trying to at least. Since October we’ve done really well of budgeting and planning ahead. There are certain things we could work on (coughGROCERYSHOPPINGcough), but overall I’d say we’re doing a dang good job of saving money. Both of us desperately want to be in a house. My hope is that this time next year we’ll be setting up a real Christmas tree in our living room and decorating the garage door with colored Christmas lights.

BUT- in the meantime, we’re learning to live sparingly. And Christmastime is very hard to stay on budget. Every one wants the latest and greatest toy or technology, and we simply can’t afford that. To help round out our Christmas gifts this year, we stumbled across a few crafty ideas from Pinterest. (Follow Me!) We had most of the items on hand already, so it was as easy as putting it together! I’m not going to post about one of the crafts since everyone will be getting one for Xmas….but here’s another:

The Patron Bottle Soap Pump! 

photo 2

This little guy was so easy to make. Well, Donovan made it, but it sure did look easy! We prettied ours up with a cute ribbon and glass beads from Hobby Lobby for decoration. I can definitely see these being used for soap, lotion, hand sanitizer — anything liquid really. We’re thinking about collecting old Patron bottles and recycling them into fun soap dispensers. Would you like one? They’re selling on Etsy for upwards of $50. We’ll sell ours for $40 🙂 Leave a comment if this is something you’d be interested in, and we’ll hook you up!

What crafty things are you making for Christmas gifts to save money?


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