Merry Christmas from Casa de Gregg!

Merry Christmas from Casa de Gregg!

I hope you all out there in blog-land are having a great Christmas/holiday season! Things here are quite hectic. Dono has a heavy work load this time of year, and things are also very busy with my job (although no where near as hectic as Dono’s)…and now that we’re married, we’re also juggling the family visit schedule.

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with my side. It was a pretty relaxing weekend. We drove up to my parents’ house on Saturday (about 30 minutes away), and immediately, Donovan got to work helping my dad hang his new 60″ tv in the living room. This took practically all day since my dad didn’t have the right tools or mounts and had to run to several stores to get everything. By the time they finished 1 tv, it was time for church. My parents have been enjoying going to Highland Park UMC, even though it is not close to their house. I think they just enjoy going so they can get glimpses of George W. Bush!! (not even joking!)

After church, we headed to Katy Trail Ice House in Plano for some delicious eats and beer. Since we were in Plano, we took a drive through Deerfield, which is supposedly a neighborhood filled with awesome Christmas lights. I have to say – I was actually really un-impressed with the Christmas lights there. It seemed like a few neighbors really took to decorating, but a vast majority did nothing, or just had 1 dinky light strand.

We also drove by the new Frisco Gun Club. We had made plans to go there earlier on Saturday – but the TV situation was quite extensive. This was the nicest gun range I’d ever seen. My dad worked in one in Memphis for awhile, and it was pretty crappy. This gun range looked like a hotel and had a zillion lanes! I can’t wait to go back and practice shooting sometime.


Family – minus my S-I-L and Dono

On Sunday- Santa came! Our stockings were filled and the presents surrounded the tree. We each took turns opening presents and laughing about our gifts. I mainly got clothes and a few things for our house that I had asked for. Donovan got slippers and pj pants! Just the things he needed! 🙂 My mom also made our grandmother’s traditional Christmas dinner for lunch — turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, corn casserole, carrot casserole, orange jello…..YUMMM. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Everything on my plate was delicious – and of course it was topped off with our favorite Yule Log cake from Baskin Robbins!

Overall it was a great weekend with family. This week, we’re now focused on Dono’s side. We’ll spend Christmas Eve with my parents, and then spend Christmas day and the few days after with Dono’s side. It will be a busy week for sure!

What are y’all’s plans for Christmas? How do you handle splitting the holidays with parents?


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