Welcome to 2014!

Is it just me, or is it weird that the year is now 2014? I remember when I was in middle school and we thought the 2000’s seemed ridiculous…and here we are 14 years in!

Last night, Dono and I rang in the New Year with some of our friends in Sundance Square in Ft. Worth. We had a great time compared to the last few years! In 2012, we rang in the New Year in Downtown Dallas for the Big D NYE celebration. That was a pretty intense party, if you ask me. There were so many people and it was SO chaotic. In 2013 we rang in the New Year at a neighborhood bar called Sharky’s. We met up with some friends…who spent more time with their other friends. It was probably the lamest new year’s I’ve ever had.


I do have to say that Sundance Square might be our new hot spot for NYE! It was not crowded at all, and the band that played was awesome! We still had beer and wine flowing, and everyone was having a great time.

We started out 2014 by sleeping in! I don’t think I woke up until about 1pm! I hate staying up late, so a good day’s nap was just I wanted. After a lazy morning and afternoon, Dono and I headed to the gym for Day 3 of half marathon training. The schedule said we needed to cross train for 30 minutes. I was hoping we could do spin class tonight, but the fitness classes were cancelled because of the holiday. Bummer. Instead, we decided to swim for 30 minutes.


Boy – it was tough to get back into swimming! I’m not a very good swimmer to begin with – I have like ZERO lung capacity. I have to take a breath every 4 strokes. Blerg.

One question I do have — anyone else out there swim with their Polar FT 40 heart rate monitor on? I felt like I swam harder and burned more calories than the HRM told me I did. Does any one out there in blog land have any experience with using the Polar FT 40 in a pool? I pulled it tight and don’t think it moved too much…but I’m not sure if it was as accurate as it is when I run outside. Any ideas?

Workouts aside, I’m looking forward to attacking 2014 head on. I have a lot of goals ahead and can’t wait to tackle them!


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