You Betta Work, Girl!


Go Britney, Go Britney, Go!

This song is constantly on repeat during my walk/jogs lately! I can’t get enough of Britney’s new album. Call me crazy, but the beats are good..and of course the mantra “You better work!” is pretty motivating!

Last night I ran/walked in 35 degree weather. How do you people up north handle this? It was so freaking cold. I stretched really good before I started, but my muscles in my calves kept tensing up because they were so cold. May be I should have worn pants?


Seriously!? What do you wear to run when its so cold outside? I wore a lot of layers, but as I got warm, I didn’t want to take them off because I had no where to put them! Not to mention, my gloves were SOAKING wet from sweat when I got home. Ew.

On a side note, I know it has only been a few days since I’ve started #RunWithCarrie, but I can already feel myself getting stronger. Running is total mental for me. Yeah, I get tired and feel like I want to die sometimes, but I’m learning if I just slow down a bit (even if it is just a walk with a hop), I can go much further. What’s really helping me with distance right now is setting small goals. When I’m running on the sidewalk, I’ll tell myself “Ok, If I can just make it to that mailbox, I’ll walk there.” ….Usually, the mailbox is like 500 feet in front of me. Then when I get there, I’ll set another goal. I’ll say “Wow! I feel great, why stop now! Let’s make it to that tree.” Then, when I get to the tree, I’ll say “Ok, let’s make it to the stop sign.” Eventually, I do have to stop and walk because my lungs are still learning to breathe while I’m running, but these small goals help. And – each time I go for walk/jog, I’ll make myself jog just a tinybit  further…even just to the next crack in the sidewalk. I’m not even kidding. Every little bit helps.

All of this walking and jogging has really helped me feel better already. I’m worn out by the time bedtime comes, and I feel like I get a lot of stress out. These days, my job doesn’t stress me out at all…just side things in my personal life make me anxious and stressed. Jogging is helping me to pound out the stress and really focus on me.

Although I’m having fun and enjoying this now, I’m grateful for today’s rest day. I’m a bit sore from pushing myself earlier this week…and I’m still catching up from New Year’s Eve. Blerg.

I am tracking my progress (time, distance, calories, % calories from fat) in a spreadsheet on my computer to help monitor my progress. I’ll post each week once it is completed.

If you’re running along with me, how are you doing?


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