Walking a Half Marathon

Shortly after I announced that I planned to run a half marathon in 2014, my facebook/instagram page has blown up with advice, suggestions, and questions about my training. Which is AWESOME! It was so fun to see how many of my friends and family were encouraging me and cheering for me.

fb post

One of my cousins in another post suggested that I sign up for a 5k/15K race in her area. It sounded really fun — get to travel, see family- and be well on my way to my goal. However, on the FAQ for the race, it said that runners who run slower than a 15min/mile pace need not sign up, as emergency personnel, water people, etc would not be around after that pace.

course info

Excuse me????

Last time I checked (which was Saturday) – a 15 minute mile pace is NOT equivalent to a very brisk walk! I’m currently run/walking my miles at a 15 minute-ish pace and I feel like I’m going to die when it’s over. When I walk briskly, my pace time becomes closer to 20 minutes/mile.

This leads me to believe that I have a LOT of training a head of me. I’m not discouraged by any means, but was quite shocked at this race’s required course information. Now I’m curious….what if I need to walk in a half marathon race? Is there a pace requirement for that? Is it okay to walk at all during a half marathon? What do “normal” half marathon-ers do? I’m hopeful that by the time I’m ready to run the race, I can do so consistently, but will I be judged for walking?

Anyone out there have any advice on this? Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else?


One thought on “Walking a Half Marathon

  1. you can definitely walk a HM! I see people doing it all the time when I spectate races. However like the FAQs you quoted above, pretty much every race has a time limit (usually because of road closures not being allowed after a certain time) and it’s usually 4, 4.5, or 5 hours for the half from what I’ve seen. As an fyi the limit is almost always longer for the HM if there is a full marathon going on at the same time since it obviously takes longer to run, so one of those races might be a less stressful choice.

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