Non Scale Victory

Lately I’ve been seeing some other health/fitness bloggers post their non-scale victories. I, for one, LOVE this idea. Just because the numbers on the scale aren’t budging doesn’t mean that change isn’t happening, and we should celebrate even the smallest of things that help us along our path to success.

This morning I had my real first non-scale victory.

On my way to work, I drive by a 7-11. Ok. I don’t HAVE to drive by the 7-11, but sometimes I do. And when I do, I usually have to stop in and get a 711 Chiller or coke and some pop tarts. Although it’s not an expensive breakfast ($3.12 to be exact) – it adds up…not only on my waistline but also in our bank account. I can remember one week a few weeks ago where I stopped at 7-11 every morning. That comes out to about $15/week in cash…and God knows how many calories.

130626---chillerI’m not as tempted to stop if I’ve had a decent breakfast at home, but sometimes that still doesn’t stop me. Those stupid chillers are so dang addicting.

Well. Today I HAD to stop at 7-11 to get gas on my way into work. And wouldn’t you know? I DID NOT go inside to get a coffee or treat! I’m so proud of my self. I sure as heck wanted to waltz in there and grab myself a big ole coffee and some S’mores Pop tarts. But I didn’t. It was hard to resist, but I did it. And I feel better for not indulging.

While this is a small step for me – it is something. That’s what counts right?

What is your non-scale victory this week?


2 thoughts on “Non Scale Victory

  1. Baby steps 🙂 I used to have a hard time eating breakfast right away in the morning, so would end up running to the local store to get something mid-morning–which was something full of empty calories and of course cost money. Now every so often I will make breakfast burritos & freeze them to heat up while I’m getting ready, or make sure I have bread or English muffins on hand for breakfast–have saved money & calories.

    Isn’t it amazing how much a little planning ahead on something and a small amount of time in advance of prep-work can really help you stay on track! Keep it up!

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