CrossTraining for Dummies

One of my very best friends and readers (Hi Erin!) asked me if I would post some information about cross training for runners today. Now — I’m no expert, so don’t all go out there quoting me. These are all my opinions and not based on one ounce of research 🙂

So. To start. What is cross training? In my words — it is a form of exercise to help improve fitness that is not the same exercise you are training for. For example, I am trying to be a runner. Therefore, one cross training days, I don’t run. I’ll participate in another sport or activity to help me build on different muscles, but still got a solid workout in. Also – it helps break up the monotony of running. We all know how much I love running! not.


On the half marathon training I’m doing now, It suggests for a 30 minute cross training every week. 30 minutes, in my opinion, is just enough time to get in a good workout…as long as you do it correctly! Below is a list of cross training activities I’ll be participating in over the next few months:

1. The Elliptical — while technically this isn’t much different from running…it is lower impact as well as a different, gliding motion. I like to do the “Gluteal” workout where the elliptical takes you up and down at different resistances and inclines.

2. Biking – I love all types of biking, but spin cycling class is probably one of my favorites. I love the music, the camaraderie of the class, and how many calories I burn during class. Also, biking outside is pretty fun and adventurous too!

3. Swimming – the only downside to swimming is that I smell like chlorine for 2-3 days afterwards. But I do love that I get a full body workout and burn a ton of calories

4. Trampoline Fitness – I haven’t done this yet, but I’m REALLY excited to try this out. There is an Urban Air Trampoline Park right around the corner from our house, and I’ve been DYING to go!

5. Hot Yoga – I also haven’t done this yet…ever. But I find the idea of finding “center” to be very relaxing, not to mention, I could always use a good stretch. There are a few places around our house that offer Hot Yoga but I haven’t signed up yet. Anyone want to join me?

What other activities have you done for cross training?


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