Running Outdoors in Varying Temperatures

Yesterday, it looked like this in Dallas/Ft. Worth:


That is the view from my office window … which faces DFW Airport. Ya can’t see a dang thing over there! Poor pilots.

The weather this winter in DFW has been CrAzY! Earlier this week, the high was 16*. WHAT!? And tomorrow the high is 70*? This is so ridiculous. No wonder so many people are getting sick.

One thing I’ve really been having trouble with is dressing for the varying temperatures. I’m slowly learning that I HATE running in shorts. They ride up in the middle and I spend the entire time pulling out wedgies or fixing them which screws up my gait = shin splints. I’ve purchased several pairs of compression capris to help with this – which has been working and I find the capris to be VERY comfortable. Except when its 16* outside.

When it’s really warm I’ve been wearing the compression capris and a short sleeved wicking shirt (both from Old Navy)…and when its colder, I’ve been layering more layers on the top. But then my ankles get cold. Its weird and I don’t know how to fix this as I’m dead set on NOT wearing compression pants. Luckily, my gloves and ear band have been keeping fingers and ears warm.

Exhibit A: It was 16 degrees last Sunday when Dono and I went for a walk. This is what I wore:

week 1 pic

Exhibit B: It was 40 degrees the week before when Dono and I went walking, and THIS is what I wore:


Clearly, I’m dressing oppositely. Ugh. It’s so hard to decide what to wear because as soon as I start moving I start sweating and then when I start peeling off layers, I have no where to put them. Anyone else run into this trouble? No ? Only me? Of course.

Also… I need some recommendations on sports bras for larger busted women. I’ve been wearing seamless sports bras from Target – which are great – but when I went to go get some more the other day, there was literally NO support at all. I might as well have gone braless. Sorry – TMI. So – any recommendations or suggestions would be great.

Happy Friday everyone!


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