Happy Friday, Folks!

Happy Friday!

Boy I’m excited this day has finally come. All day yesterday I swore it was Friday. Terrible, right? I’m so ready for a relaxing weekend – get some sleep – and try and fight off this stupid cough I have.

Things have been going well this week -exercise and food wise. I’ve been keeping up with eating 5 times a day which is a lot of food. However, some of my snacks are small. Like a granola bar. Or a Fiber One bar. So I’m not getting too crazy…just keeping food in my stomach all day for my metabolism to continue burning. I’ve been tracking my meals in My Fitness Pal.

I’ve also been keeping up with exercise – almost done with Week 4! Wahoo! Last night I went for a walk with Donovan for our 3 miles and it was DANG cold outside. We literally wore everything in our closets. I had to snap this pic before we left to go for the walk. I couldn’t stop laughing – Dono looked like he was going to mug me the whole walk! I’m surprised the police didn’t stop us or say anything!


Going back to food real quick. (Sorry I know this post is scattered and all over the place) I’ve been reading some other blogs where folks are tracking micro and macro nutrients. I’ve heard of this before, but not really sure what to do here or if its even helpful. I try to eat as healthy as I possibly can (without getting too crazy), but feel like there is always room for improvement. Does anyone have any good references or information about tracking this information?

Hope y’all have a great weekend!


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