Slow Burn + Nidra Yoga Class Experience

Unfortunately I won’t have any photos in this post since cell phones were prohibited from the class 🙂

Tonight, my friend Stephanie and I decided to try out a yoga studio near our homes. I have never in my life done yoga, so I was quite skeptical and nervous about taking a class. We found a Groupon for the Divine Center of Yoga in Southlake and thought we’d give it a try. The groupon was for 5 classes, and tonight was our first class.

Walking into the building, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. The girl behind the desk was very friendly and excited to show us around the building and make us feel comfortable. They did have some tea brewing (complimentary, I assume) and water for those coming and going from the classes.

The class we ended up taking is called “Slow Burn + Nidra.” If you’re like me and are not sure what this means, here’s the class description from the website:

From the slow progressive sequences to the longer holding poses, the entire body and mind are brought into equanimity in this focused yet calming all-levels class where students are encouraged to explore the benefits of each asana within the boundaries of their own individual expressions. Class will end with a meditative relaxation (Yoga Nidra) where the student will experience immeasurable stress relief, improved sleep and deeper sense of calm and clarity. Yoga Nidra has been experienced and described as “the most powerful relaxation technique known to man”.
This is a 90 min. practice and temperature for Slow Burn will be between 80-85 degrees and it will be cooled off for Yoga Nidra.

The girl behind the desk told us that this was a “medium heat” class — as in, not as hot as regular hot yoga. Who was she kidding?! It was freaking HOT in the room! Steph and I got spots towards the back where we didn’t have to stare spot on at ourselves in the mirror. We made a friend with another beginner so all 3 of us were in the same boat together.

The yoga part of the class was pretty intense, but manageable. There were some moves/poses that I’m not flexible or strong enough yet for so I had to modify them. The teacher walked around the room but didn’t really adjust folks too much. A few times I felt like I was going to pass out – mainly because I was upside down a lot and it was pretty warm. At one point I bent over and was dripping with sweat onto my mat.

After about 30-40 minutes (not really sure how long), we switched gears and moved into the Nidra part – or sleep yoga. I liked this part. It is essentially a guided meditation with relaxation. At first it was difficult for me to relax because the heater was turned off and I was shivering from my sweat cooling, but eventually I eased into it. I really liked the meditation and focusing on my “intention.”

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and can definitely see myself going back to this class specifically. I still would like to try the hot yoga class, but might have to warm up to that (literally). When I left the class, I felt relaxed and limber. I’m sure I’ll be deathly sore tomorrow. I wanted to wear my heart rate monitor during class, but decided not to in the end. Each week I focus so much on weight loss and goal setting, that I really just wanted to relax tonight, and I’m glad I did it.

I’m not sure this is something I’ll keep up with after our 5 classes are up – but I could see myself doing yoga 1x/month or something just to keep my flexibility up or when I really need to relax without getting a massage.

Have you taken a yoga class before? Which kind of class did you like best? Any advice for a newbie?


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