Progress, Not Perfection

Although it seems that everyone in the social media/blog world has been talking about Rachel from The Biggest Loser finale last night, I’m only going to say one thing. Ok may be two.


1. First off – home girl looks amazing and has truly transformed her body (also, spray tans do wonders!)

2. I wasn’t on the show, don’t know anyone on the show, nor did I even watch the show (except the finale) so I don’t know half the story (or even 1/4 the story) – but I’m sure if $250,000 was dangled in front of me like a carrot I’d probably do some extreme weight loss to try to win. Rachel now weighs barely over 105 pounds, and she’s like 5’4″ or something. 105 seems to be leaning towards the unhealthy side of things, but who am I to judge? I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum. I would hope that she doesn’t have an eating disorder or workout in unhealthy manors. However, This is a freaking tv show, and the thing I hate most about The Biggest Loser is how unrealistic it is. In real life, people don’t move to a secluded area and workout 4+ hours a day with top trainers and have their food and nutrition provided for them (although that would be a nice perk). People have jobs, families, kids, and temptations are around ever corner. I’m not saying I’m not happy for Rachel for winning — I am! What an accomplishment. I just hope that she can continue to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle. (end of rant)

Anyways. Let’s talk about me.

carrie inside

I did take some progress photos, but I’m not quite prepared to show them and blast them out on the interwebs. Before our wedding, I purchased an orange 2 piece bikini. Y’all, I don’t wear bikinis, but I figured since we were on a practically deserted island that I had nothing to worry about. I’ve been using this orange bikini as a way to track my progress. I’d love to be able to wear this swimsuit confidently this summer at the pool. My first picture was in April 2013, second picture in June/July-ish 2013, and the third one was earlier this week. To me – the changes are almost hardly noticeable which is pretty frustrating. When I look at the pictures, I see the same person just with varying shades of blonde hair color. I showed the picture to Donovan last night and he told me he could see results. I didn’t believe him.

So this morning I took measurements to see where I was a bit more accurately. The most change overall has been in my chest. I’m down 3 inches in my chest since the first time I measured myself back in June 2013. I’m also down 2 inches in my waist since my first measurements. I’ve lost 1 inch in my hips and about half an inch in my upper arms. My thighs have remained exactly the same. Blerg.

Overall, I’d definitely say this is progress. I’m still no where near bikini ready, but this is definitely a good start in the right direction. I’m working my tail off 5-6 days a week between spin class, running, and now yoga (which I think I love!) and I’m burning anywhere from 500-900 calories each workout. I’m tracking my food in My Fitness Pal and am trying to stay on track. I’m doing the work. I just want to see the results! I’m halfway through week 6 and the biggest change I see now is in my inside. I just feel healthier. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. I’m trying to feed my body (physically and mentally) with healthy, positive things, and I feel like its starting to work.

I think the one thing that has really helped me this time around as far as motivation is focusing on the end goal — running a half marathon — and not harping on the idea of just losing weight. The more I get excited about running a half marathon, the more I look forward to running, doing yoga, and going to spin class because all of these things are preparing me. Losing weight is just a byproduct of that. I’m finding that I focus more on my goal of running the half marathon, I’ve been able to keep my motivation going instead of focusing on how I’ve only lost 1 pound. Or no actual poundage at all. Know what I mean?

Anywayz – things are looking up. I’m not focusing on perfection and being a swimsuit model. I’m focusing on my progress and continuing to live a healthy lifestyle.


One thought on “Progress, Not Perfection

  1. My thighs never get smaller either. That’s a tough area. Completely diet related and the last fat to be burned off in my case.

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