Week 6 of Half Marathon Training Complete!

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Week 6


Whew, boy am I glad this week is over. This was a tough week to complete all the workouts all around.

Monday night my friend and I went to our first yoga class at the Divine Center of Yoga in Southlake. Going in, I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I’d never done yoga before, but that class was HARD. I kept falling over, and I probably sweat a whole bucket. The Yoga Nidra part was also quite an experience, but I have to say – I’m actually looking forward to going back. I felt really good when it was over and had never been so relaxed!

Tuesday night I went to the gym for 3 miles and strength training. I did 1.5 miles on the treadmill before my calves/shins started to tense, so I switched over to the elliptical to finish. I was discouraged that I had to switch to the elliptical, but I’m glad I did so I don’t end up getting hurt. For strength training, I did back exercises – always the hardest ones!

On Thursday, we were snowed in (again! Blerg!) so we decided not to chance it to drive to the gym. Instead we walked to the grocery store and back. It wasn’t quite 3 miles, and it was a slow walk – but I guess it was better than nothing. It was freezing outside and it was all we could do to get there and come back!

Saturday was 6 miles from death. Not even joking. I got up early Saturday morning to get my hairs did, and when I came back, about noonish, I decided to go for my 6 miles. I did fine until about mile 2, when I had to stop to throw up. I haven’t thrown up on a jog in over a year (and last time I did it was because I ate Rosa’s Cafe literally 30 minutes before jogging. Dumb idea, yes.) I ended up walking the rest of the route, and pretty slowly. I really wasn’t feeling like exercising, and every step on my way back I heavily considered calling Donovan to come pick me up. I did eventually make it back home, and I felt like crap the rest of the day. I was pretty sure I had the flu at one point. My throat was starting to get swollen, my whole body ached, I had chills/fever, and I just felt exhausted. After burning 1,267 calories I was sure I would be starving, but I didn’t feel like eating at all. We went to Movie Tavern for dinner and a movie and I could barely finish my dinner. Very strange. On the way home, we picked up some Nyquil and I passed out about 9pm.

Today I’m feeling much better – still feeling a swollen throat – but decided to take another rest day in case I am getting sick. I honestly think my body just went into shock for the long distance. I’ve never walk/jogged 6 miles before in my life at one time, so it was definitely a new experience.

Anyways. I’m glad this week is over. Week 7 is going to be brutal as the mileage gets upped again. On Saturday, I’m supposed to do 7 miles. I may just repeat the 6. Or should I push myself to do 7?

How did y’all do this week?


4 thoughts on “Week 6 of Half Marathon Training Complete!

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