True Life: Hot Yoga is Really Hot

True story. Hot yoga is really hot. And really hard.

Tonight my friend and I decided to “up the ante” and check out the hot yoga class instead of going to our “usual” medium-heat Slow Burn yoga class. Last week we discussed going to this class with the instructor and she warned us that it would be hot – but that it is a manageable heat – not like Bikram which is insane hot. So we decided to give it a try.

I got to the class early since I left straight from work and went ahead and put my mat down and tried to get accustomed to the heat. I was literally laying on my back in the room and was already sweating. I wasn’t even moving! I looked around the room, and several folks were doing hand stands and practicing crazy poses. Show offs.

Once class started, I broke a heavy sweat almost immediately. Compared to the slow burn class, the hot yoga class moved VERY quickly among poses that I had a hard time keeping up. Remember  – this was only my 3rd yoga class EVER. I’m still trying to learn how to transition between poses and remember what they are called. The instructor was literally calling out poses by name and not explaining how to get into them…or offering any suggestions for modifications.

About half way through the class I started to get lightheaded and had a REALLY difficult time getting my body to focus on any of the poses. Then, the teacher walked us into this pose:



No lie. The 40 strangers in my class eased into this pose very easily. Some of them were even lifting their legs off the ground! Uh. No. This is not real life. I think it is great that the human body can move so freely and be so flexible, but this is ridiculous! At this point I decided that I couldn’t make it through the rest of the class. I was POURING with sweat, couldn’t keep a grip on my mat, and felt like I was going to pass out everytime I moved. So – I excused myself from the room and cooled off in the waiting area until the class was over.

I felt like an idiot for leaving the class – it was so embarrassing – especially since I was the only one who was clearly having trouble. I’m proud of myself for sticking through as much as I can and trying something new, but I think I’ll stick to Slow Burn moving forward. We only have 2 classes left on our Groupon, and I think medium-heat is MUCH more tolerable!

Have you ever tried a yoga class? How did you manage it?


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