Week 8 of Half Marathon Training Completed!

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Hey Folks. I’m still a-truckin’ along! This week much an incredible improvement over last week’s training. Although I switched things up a bit, I’m glad I was able to get back on track. Mileage was lower than it should have been as I’m still trying to work myself up and build stamina, but the goal is really just to keep moving!

I did have my first experience with Hot Yoga this week, too. And an experience it was! You can read about it here. I plan to go back to the Slow Burn yoga class on Monday this upcoming week as I prefer medium heat yoga over the really hot.

Saturday I did almost 7 miles…and this time I didn’t feel like death! Score! It was a beautiful day outside – and let me tell you – weather makes a huge difference! I also brought a bottle of water with me which was also helpful just to keep my mouth wet. Hopefully when the cooler weather goes away, the fountains will be turned back on on the trail so I won’t have to carry water with me. While I did feel an improvement for the long run, it was still really long. I was exhausted when I got home and didn’t really feel “normal” again for a few hours. Does this happen to anyone else? I’m assuming its because of the high calorie burn and it just takes your body to acclimate.

Also, this week we bought a juicer! We bought the Breville Juice Fountain Plus from Bed Bath and Beyond, and so far I’m LOVING IT!


We spent some time on Friday night researching best juice combinations and headed to Central Market on Saturday afternoon to start juicing! Our first juice is the one pictured above — carrots, apples, lemons. Easy peasy. and SO good. We also tried another one with carrots, pineapple, oranges, strawberries, lemons. That one was also delicious. The 3rd one we tried included apples, beets, kale, lemons, oranges, and a cucumber. That one tasted very earthy. We’re still new at this so may stick to fruity drinks at first – but I’m excited to start incorporating some fresh juices into my life!

Do y’all juice? Any recommendations or tips?



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