Partners in Crime {and Life}

If you know my husband at all…you know he is not a runner. Give him a bike, and he will ride until his legs fall off – but give the guy a pair of tennis shoes and the open pavement, and…well, its not his most favorite thing. Both Dono and I have struggled with our weight for the majority of our lives. We’ve gained, lost, and done it twice (or a bajillion times) over. After our wedding, we both started to get serious about eating healthy and working out again. We knew that in the near future we would want to have children, and we wanted to make sure that we went about it the healthy way – plus, we wanted to start those routines and habits now, so it would come easy to teach our children and show them a healthy way to live.


In my opinion, we’re starting to nail the clean eating thing. I’m homecooking meals 6 nights a week, and we’re eating breakfasts at home and taking our lunches (usually leftovers). On the weekends, we try to do our best, but sometimes we’ll eat out. I’m learning that if we have 1 bad meal, usually several bad meals follow. As long as we stick to “the plan” – we’re smooth sailing!

For exercise….we’re getting there. I’ve been following the half marathon training, and Dono’s goal this year was to ride 1,000 miles on his bike! I’m so proud of him for setting a goal like this. But now I’m even prouder because I received this chat message the other day:

donovan chat

This makes me SO happy! I’m so proud of my husband for getting excited about running and wanting to do this with me. We are very supportive of each other and the different activities and interests we have, however, to be able to complete a race together (may be not at the same pace) will be phenomenal. It will great to motivate each other now that we have the same goal in mind. Regardless of whether or not we walk in the race, run the whole thing — completion is key, and I know we can both do it!

Do you exercise with your partner/spouse/friends?


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