Week 9 of Half Marathon Training Complete!

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Yeah, yeah. I know this post is a few days late. Gimme a break.

week 9

As you can see, I slowed down a bit last week to start preparing myself for the 5k. Let me tell you, though, that 5K sure gave me a runners high. It’s all I’ve been able to think about this week. I’m so proud of accomplishing something I never thought I’d be able do, and I’m excited to keep moving forward. (You can read more about my 5K here)

Speaking of training, now that I’ve “mastered” a 5k, I really need to start working towards my 10k. While I’ll still be posting my weekly updates, I’m going to be switching up training each week. Hal Higdon has a 10k training plan for novices, and I feel like switching my training over to this plan will help me better prepare for the task at hand. I’m not giving up on my half marathon – no, not at all. I just need to gear my training more towards the next race I’m running. The half marathon training, while very difficult, is a bit over my head. For example – This past week I was supposed to run 9 miles on Saturday. Now, I’ve been running and walking a lot, but I’m not quite at the place to be running such longer distances quite yet. My goal is still to train for a half marathon, but I’m learning that I need to work myself up to that. I’ve trained for a 5k. Now I need to keep up the pace and stamina and start the training for a 10k. Then, once I run a 10K, I’ll keep moving up in training.

This seems like it is going to take forever for me to get to the place where running a half marathon is manageable, but I’m not giving up. There are still days that are tough where I don’t want to go lace up the tennis shoes, but I just tell myself to walk. It’s better than nothing. Then, once I get going and my jam comes on, I’m running again.

As far as food and nutrition – I’m still REALLY enjoying juicing! Donovan and I are making juices daily and they taste so good! Also, we’re continuing to try new vegetables and focus on clean eating. I’m starting to feel healthier on the inside, which I do believe is transferring to my runs and daily confidence.

How did y’all do last week?


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