How Eating Clean is Changing my Body

I’ve always heard that the secret to weight loss success was to focus 80% on food, and 20% on exercise. However, my entire life has been the opposite. I would work out like crazy and then eat a hamburger, thinking that I earned it. I’m slowly starting to learn how wrong and backwards this is.


For the past few weeks, Donovan and I have been trying to focus on the opposite – eating cleaner, but still keeping up with workouts. We have also been trying really hard not to reward ourselves with dessert after eating clean/exercising. That part is hard. One thing that has helped in this area is juicing. Usually after dinner, we both crave something sweet. Instead of making a pan of brownies, eating ice cream, or worse – we’ve tried to stick to juicing. Granted there is still sugar in fruit, it is a WAY healthier option than the former as we are getting essential vitamins and nutrients from the veggies and fruit we add in. Plus, it really doesn’t taste that bad! So far, this has been curbing our sweet tooth.


One thing I’ve noticed about myself eating clean is how much better I sleep at night. I know this sounds strange, but come 10pm, my body is tired and craving sleep. I work my way upstairs and fall asleep within 10 minutes easily. Plus, I sleep all night and wake up feeling refreshed.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how “regular” I feel. (I know, TMI, but its true) The more fruits and veggies I eat, the better I feel on the inside and my bodily functions are predictable – which I love.

What else? I just feel better. I feel happier. I do think my newfound happiness is attributed to just more than eating clean and exercising – but I do feel like eating cleaner has really made me feel more confident, happy, and satisfied.

I don’t crave fast food anymore. At all. I never thought I’d get to the point where I would say that. Also, I have not had a coke or soft drink in 2 months! I do drink flavored carbonated water (no calories or sugar) – but it is no where near the gross-ness of a soft drink. A few weeks ago we had lunch at Pei Wei, and I felt miserable afterwards. Immediately, Dono and I drank a homemade juice and felt so much better. My body is craving all the healthy foods.

Do you eat clean? How does it make you feel?


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