90 Day Bikini Challenge

So 2 of my blogger peeps – Jess and Val – are hosting a spring challenge….



The rules seem pretty easy:

1. Take a picture of yourself in a swimsuit

2. Work your fanny off for 90 days to look good in that swimsuit

I have decided to participate, however, I am nowhere near ready to post a picture of my swimsuit clad body on the interwebs quite yet. I have taken a few pics on my phone and will consider posting the results once the challenge is over. This is the closest you’ll get to me in a swimsuit online:


Close enough for me!

I do plan to continue my half marathon training – with spin class twice a week for cross training. I also plan to continue eating as clean as I can make myself eat (this is the hardest part).

My SIL asked me the other day if I’ve noticed any weight coming off due to my eating clean and exercising habits. I feel like the stupidest answer I can give is “yes” and “no” at the same time. I definitely feel myself getting stronger. I can survive and really push myself through spin class now without feeling like I want to throw up or die. I can also run about a mile now without stopping (this is progress people). However when I look in the mirror I don’t necessarily¬†see that any weight is gone. But we are all our toughest critics, yes?

2 weeks ago I went to the mall after work to shop. I really just wanted to see how new clothing fits me now since I’ve been wearing the same things for the last few months. From what I’ve gathered – tops are starting to get a bit loose on me in the chest area. Also, the top of my thighs seem to be slimmer- however, I still feel like I’m carrying a lot of weight around my middle. I know you can’t “spot-treat” weight loss, but if anyone has any ideas for losing belly fat- send it my way. I’ve been avoiding taking too many full body pictures lately because I’m afraid if I see them I won’t notice a difference so I just continue about my day. I’ve always heard that slower weight loss is better than quick since you’re really building up proper habits to maintain, however, I wish it would speed up!

Anyone want to join me on this bikini challenge?


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