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Sometimes All the time I wonder if the things I’m doing to better myself are actually working. I feel like I post about this all the time, but it is REALLY hard to notice change on your own person. Know what I mean? Everytime I look in the mirror, I still see the same chub even though I know I’m working my fanny off to look and feel better.

Over the weekend, Dono and I headed to Shreveport to celebrate my friend’s wedding. I was so excited to reunite with many of my college friends, and part of me kept wondering if any of them would ever notice. I was fairly thin in college (even though I thought I was fat) and mainly put on weight once I left college and was in grad school. The stress and uncertainty of not knowing where my big girl job would be definitely took a toll on my body. Not to mention, Miller Lights and Margaritas add up quickly. I knew my friends had seen my pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but I wondered if they would notice a difference.

Before we got to the wedding, I was laying in the hotel bed looking at old pictures on my phone. I’m not sure why, but I was comparing pictures from this time last year to some of the pics from the weekend we had already taken. Here’s what I found:



Talk about noticeable change. The picture on the left is from my bachelorette party in April 2013. The pic on the right was from this past weekend. Here’s what I notice: my chin/jaw line is more noticeable. My hair is shinier and healthier looking. My skin is clearer (and cleaner looking).

Obviously, I still have a ways to go to be a “healthier me” – but this is definitely a great start and motivation to keep going.

Do you like taking progress pictures?


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