If a Tree Falls in the Woods….

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around, did it really make a sound?

This is kind of how I feel about food.

If my husband is out of town for 5 days, and no one is around, did my non eat clean habits really happen?


Last week Dono left to go out of state for a few days. In my head, I was thinking this would be a great time for me to try new, healthy recipes since he wouldn’t be around to eat them if they tasted horribly. Except. My weekend went the exact opposite. I did not make the WORST choices…but I sure as heck did not go out of my way to make healthy choices.

I ate dinner one night at the movie theater. I skipped lunch on Saturday. And I may or may not have indulged in some ice cream at multiple parts of the weekend.

Y’all. Losing weight is hard work. Especially when you’re addicted to sugar and unhealthy food. It’s almost like being an alcoholic – I mean, every day is a struggle. Each meal is a new opportunity to succeed or fail. While I did not do so great this weekend food wise, I’m still proud of my PR time for my 5k. Now, I need to dust off the silverware and get back on the horse. Wait. That’s not how it goes. You know what I mean. It’s time to get back on it.

Over the weekend I was thinking seriously about upcoming 10ks and half marathons. While I’m doing great with 5Ks, I really need to step it up in more ways than one. Not only do I need to increase my mileage and endurance during practices and training, but I also need to get back on a healthy meal plan. I’ve really begun to see how much food affects my body (more so than exercise!), and how important it is for me to stay on track. Sure – a cheat meal (Note: MEAL not WEEKEND) is not all that bad as long as the food is within moderation. I just need to stay on track with this.

I think the next book I want to read re: weight loss and food is The Whole 30 book. I first heard of the Whole 30 from Kaela and subsequently have spent a lot of time reading through Emily’s blog. Food is difficult and  I need to learn to rein it in.

Sorry for no pictures today. Y’all have any ideas for changing food habits?


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