Non-Scale Victory: Motivating Others


It’s no secret that I’m trying really hard to lose some weight and train for a half marathon in the process. However, up until now, I’ve really only told my closest friends what I’m doing. While I can be an overshare-er at times, I also get nervous about telling people about my goals. I guess part of is afraid of what people might think. If I tell someone I want to run a half marathon, I don’t want them looking at me with crazy, judgmental eyes. I may not be in the best shape of my life, but I am trying, ok? Well, last night, judgmental crazy eyes went out the window.

Last night I went to my normal Wednesday night spin class. I’ve made friends with a larger woman who has also been coming to the class and losing weight, and she’s fantastic. Since I met her last summer, she has lost probably half her size. She’s doing boot camp, body pump, spin, swimming, running – you name it! She mentions she is working out twice a day and completely changed her diet. WOW! That takes some serious motivation.

Well, anyways. My friend and I sit next to each other during class. We don’t talk much since the music is so loud, but will occasionally give each other a thumbs up. Last night, at the very end of class, the instructor played a pretty fast tempo song and told us we were going to sprint for 1 full minute – this would be our final workout. She gave us the option of quitting at 20 seconds or 40 seconds, but encouraged us to go for the full minute. I knew I was going for the minute, but my friend loudly said she was going to quit at 20 seconds. When we got to the 20 second part of the song, I yelled at my friend, “KEEP GOING! YOU CAN DO IT! LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!”

…and she did! And so did I! When the class was over we were both pouring with sweat. The instructor approached us after the class and gave me a huge pat on the back. She said that apparently everyone else in the class heard me yell to keep going, and she was impressed with how many people stuck through the full minute sprint. I was quite shocked because I never thought of myself as motivational. I keep to myself in the spin class and even duck out before the stretching is over at the end. This time was different. I told the instructor and my friend about my wish to run a half marathon this year, and they both seemed really impressed (no judgment eyes) and encouraged me to keep going. My instructor even remarked that she could tell that I was really dropping pounds (although it really is more inches than pounds).

It really was a boost of confidence to hear that from people I didn’t know…and to know that I was motivating them!

What is your non scale victory this week?


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