April Showers Bring May ….Endurance?

I hope you haven’t filled a missing person report yet! I promise I’m here, and I’ve been keeping up with training – but April is a SUPER crazy month in my life.

Dono has been traveling for work this month, and when he’s not here, I’m really not motivated to exercise or eat right. He’s such a good buddy to have, and when he’s not here, I really feel it. Last week I did get out for a few walk/jogs, but it was nothing to write home about. And I may or may not have had Chick Fil A.

I also celebrated my 28th birthday last week. Woop woop! I’m getting old.  On the day of, we took it pretty easy since it was a work day, but over the weekend, we celebrated with my friend Katie and her boyfriend at Gloria’s – my favorite margarita place!

This week, Dono and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary! It’s crazy how fast time is flying! We don’t have any specific plans yet for the anniversary, but I do know that we will be eating some glorious wedding cake from Frosted Art! We have seriously been dreaming about eating this cake again since the wedding day.

In my world of health and fitness- I’ve decided to join Jess’ Whole 30 Challenge starting May 5th. I’ve been wanting to do the Whole 30 completely, but April is a really tough time to start since it includes my birthday, Easter, and our anniversary, and I knew I was going to want to eat some cake. I’m excited about starting this challenge with some other women who are on the same page – looking to better their lives and become healthier! I’m hoping Donovan will want to do this, too, since its quite difficult to do the Whole 30 while you’re partner does not. Even brown rice becomes a temptation! It will be difficult – the hardest thing for me is giving up dairy because I LOVE milk – but I know we can do it. It will make me feel healthier and strengthen me for the 10k’s this summer.

Ok, Ok I promise to be better about posting. Now that April is almost over, I’ll have a bit more time on my hands.

If you have any good Whole 30/paleo recipes, please share them, because I will need them!




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