A Very Anniversary Weekend

I cannot believe a year of marriage has arrived! It’s been one wild, crazy, awesome year, and I can’t wait for the years to come. So….how did we celebrate?

On Friday night we met up with some friends at The Cellar in Las Colinas. We had heard from some friends that this place was pretty good, cheap drinks, and on the Las Colinas canal so the patio was great. Well, we were very disappointed in the service, food, and overall experience. None of the waiters were friendly or helpful, and they were VERY slow. The food was decent, but it turned out the place was more of a bar than an actual restaurant. Bummer. We’ll never have to eat there again!


group pic


On Saturday, we slept in and went for a short walk to get the day going. I then picked up a fresh top tier of our wedding cake from the bakery, Frosted Art Bakery in Dallas. Lucky for us- our bakery highly encouraged us to serve the top tier at our wedding instead of freezing it for the first anniversary. If you send professional pictures of your cake to the bakery, they’ll recreate the top tier for FREE on your first anniversary! The sad part- if we wanted to order this cake every year, it would cost us $75. Womp Womp.

On Saturday night, we met up with some friends we met on our honeymoon for dinner. Funny Story: on our honeymoon in Palm Island (very close to Venezuela aka: very far away) we met a really awesome couple, Sandy and Ray. We met them over lunch as iguanas were crawling up Sandy’s leg. Yes, disgusting. Anyway. We thought they were hilarious and started hanging out with them on the beach and at the bar in the evening after dinner. About a day later, they told us that they were actually getting married on the island and wanted us to be the witnesses. Of course, Dono and I jumped at the chance. On their wedding day, we helped each of them get ready, and stood behind them as they recited their vows. It was such a beautiful wedding…and hilarious…because we are in ALL of their wedding pictures! Well, come to find out, Sandy and Ray moved to DFW shortly after the wedding. We had been planning for MONTHS to get together, but between all of our work schedules, it was quite difficult. Last night, we finally got to meet up – a whole year later – for some pizza, wine, and reminiscing.

When we came home, and took all will and might to not break into the cake and champagne!

On Sunday we slept in again, but as soon as we were awake – it was like we were children on Christmas! We didn’t care how early it was, we wanted to dive into the cake. So we did! We snapped a few pics with our cake and champagne before digging in.



We exchanged anniversary gifts, too. We decided when we got married that we wanted to follow the traditional anniversary gift giving because we liked having to put creative thought into the gifts and following the tradition of many others. The first year’s gift is Paper. We both wrote each other heartfelt notes on the PERFECT cards for each other. I gave Donovan a race display bib holder, and he gave me a gift certificate to get a pedicure. Ok, so my gift was not really paper, but its holds paper, so its close enough for me! After our gift exchange we watched our wedding and reception video and looked at all of our wedding pictures. It was so much run to reminisce and talk about the best parts of the wedding day. We also set some goals for ourselves for the future – mainly moving into a house this year!! (I’m very excited about this goal)

Overall, it was a fantastic day together. While we did spend a lot of time doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning like we usually do on Sundays- it was great to take a break in the morning, relax, and remember why we got married in the first place.

What did y’all do on your first anniversaries?


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