HIIT is Hard

HIIT training is hard…but it’s where it’s at y’all. For reals.

For some reason, this week I decided to do a few HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. Don’t ask me why. I guess I’m just tired of mundane running at the same speed (aka: slow) and trying something new. Never hurts, right?!

So I did what any normal fitness guru would do and searched Pinterest for the latest and greatest HIIT workouts. The first one I stumbled upon looked good: (could not find original source, but found HERE)



I was anxious to get to the gym to try this on a treadmill. First of all, I did the whole workout without dying. Go me! Secondly…. I’ve decided I don’t like HIIT workouts where the incline changes. This was literally too difficult for me to keep up with while actually performing the workout, especially since some of the time changes only took places after 30 seconds! It may have been easier if I had someone telling me what to do, versus reading on the iPhone screen…but I did not prefer this workout.

Yesterday, I was determined to find a HIIT workout I liked, so I decided to make up my own, and this was MUCH better. I warmed up for 5 minutes by walking at a decently brisk pace. Then, I alternated running at 7.0 speed and walking at 3.5 speed. I did this for a few times before I decided to up the speed a bit to make it more challenging. So then I did a few rounds of alternating 7.5 speed with 3.5 speed. Then I upped it even more at 8.0 speed with 3.5 speed.

Let me just tell you…8.0 speed is FAST. I think it’s around an 8 minute mile…which is super fast for me. Granted I was only running 30 seconds “fast” and then walking for a minute, I was proud of myself for making my legs work so fast! I was only planning to do HIIT for about 20 minutes, but decided to round out 3 miles – which I did in under 40 minutes…also shocking. Now that I’m EXTREMELY sore, I know this training works! HA!

Overall, I think I need to add some more HIIT into my life for training. I can see how this would be helpful to make me a faster runner, but also to help lower my resting heart rate and burn calories longer after a workout. I need to do some more research and find some good HIIT programs that don’t alternate time/speed/incline because that’s just too overwhelming right now.

Do y’all have any experience with HIIT? Recommend any good trainings?


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