A Dallas-Sized Proposal

I’ve only typed out me and Donovan’s engagement story once on our “The Knot” website, so what is a better thing to do then to have it live on my new blog….complete with pictures!

A few days before my birthday, Donovan told me he was planning a special surprise. Since my birthday was on a Monday, I knew whatever the surprise would be would be happening on Saturday. On Friday night, he came over to my apartment and gave me a card which told me I was getting a full-on spa day the next day. How exciting! I hadn’t had a massage in years! Then we would be heading to a surprise dinner.

On Saturday morning I woke up fairly early and drove to my spa appointments. I got a manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage. Needless to say, I was in a dark room all day long and it felt AMAZING. I’ve never been so pampered! (In hindsight, this was Donovan’s way of getting me out of the way for a few hours. He knows I like to investigate surprises, so to lock me up in a dark room was the best way to avoid me!)

Side Note: if you’re looking for a good massage in the Dallas area – run (don’t walk!) to see Tracy at Avalon Sap in West Village. 

Following my day of bliss, I came home to find Donovan pacing in my living room. He was SO worried about the weather for some odd reason. I kept telling him not to worry, that we would be inside, but he just kept freaking out! I took my time getting ready, and then we headed out the door to “dinner.”

We took the long way, but eventually we ended up at the Belmont Hotel in West Dallas. We had previously gone to the Belmont for the 4th of July and truly realized during the fireworks show that we were meant to be together. Needless to say, the Belmont was a special place for us. We stopped to grab a beer at Smoke, the best restaurant ever, because our “table wasn’t ready yet.” I found this quite odd, because what restaurant doesn’t EVER have your table reservation on time??? Donovan suggested we take a walk around the property…even though it was literally about to pour down rain. I kept freaking out because it was humid and  complaining that my hair was going to get frizzy and my makeup would run. I’m not even sure if he was listening because we just kept walking….until we stumbled upon this:

IMG_0086There were balloons everywhere. And flower petals. It was amazing. We sat in the patio chairs for awhile admiring the view of downtown Dallas and talking…aka: giggling. For some reason I could NOT stop laughing. I think I knew what was coming….or I half expected my friends to jump out of the bushes.

IMG_0097Eventually, Donovan got down on one knee and proposed. I think he had planned for a speech, but he was just so overwhelmed he just asked me to marry him! Of course I said, yes!

IMG_0100There was a lot of hugging and kissing involved….and a lot of crying and shaking!

IMG_0119Then out of nowhere, I see my mom running towards me! WHAT! My parents lived in Memphis! What were they doing here?!?!? …..then my dad came down. Then Donovan’s parents, his sister and her family, and my best friend and her husband! WHAT?!!? They had been watching the entire proposal from a window upstairs!

IMG_0140there was lots of hugging and admiring of the ring. Donovan did a WONDERFUL job designing my ring and I will cherish it forever!


We all then headed to dinner at Smoke where our table was, ironically, already set.


Donovan’s dad had made these ADORABLE centerpieces for the table! He knows how much I love blue hydrangeas, and I love the shabby chic country look. It was perfect for a dinner at Smoke!

IMG_0202They also put together these adorable signs for us with tons of wedding magazines. It was so cute!

IMG_0234My brother and sister-in-law (who were on vacation) called the restaurant and had ordered us a bottle of champagne! We quickly popped the top and started toasting!

IMG_0222Then it was birthday/engagement gift time! My parents gave us a set of Waterford crystal toasting flutes to use at our wedding, and Donovan’s mom gave us the matching Waterford cake knife and server set for our wedding.

IMG_0249Donovan’s sister gave me a wedding organizer binder…which I totally used the crap out of!

IMG_0263A surprise to us, my mom had her wedding dress cut up and made into a ring bearer pillow for our wedding…and a keepsake for the family. My parents have been married for 40 years (!!) so I hope this ring bearer pillow rubs some good ju-ju on us!

IMG_0288Then my mom brought out her wedding veil from her wedding. It had been sitting preserved in a box for 40 years, and this was the first time we had taken it out. Forgive the crazy pose…I think I was a few too many glasses of wine in! I loved my mom’s veil, but it just wasn’t my style. I still have the veil in a box. I hope I can think of something cool to do with it.

IMG_0294We then went outside from the loud room and started making a few phone calls before our cousins and other family went to bed. It was like 10:30pm afterall!

The surprises didn’t end there, though! Donovan’s dad rented a limo for us that picked us up at the restaurant and took us to another local bar to continue celebrating.


When we got to the bar, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there, but Donovan had invited like 30 of my friends for an impromtu surprise birthday/engagement party!

IMG_0433We literally stayed out until the bar closed, laughing and hanging out with our friends and talking about how excited we were to be married!

Thanks to Megan Adams for taking pictures so we can remember our special day. You can see the rest of the photos here.

First Post!

Hello! … and welcome to my new blog!

I’ve started a few blogs in the past, but now that I’m a married lady, I want to keep track of day-to-day happenings with my hubby, really good (and really bad) recipes I’ve tried, weightloss/fitness goals, and starting a family…eventually. I’m really excited to get my blog going again and meet new peeps! Leave a comment and let’s be friends!

So…instead of boring you with an “about me” post where I tell you about my entire life in one post, I figure I’ll just hit it with the highlights in photos…

I was a really cute baby....that had a bodacious case of the chicken pox.

I was a really cute baby….that had a bodacious case of the chicken pox.

I played the piano, sang in church choir, danced ballet and tap and jazz, drove a Dodge Viper, hiked Philmont, and traveled to Europe 4 times before I was even 16.

I graduated from high school.

I graduated from high school.

I went to college, took a bunch of classes I hated and changed my major twice. I pledged a sorority, interned at 2 churches and a chapel on an air force base, and sang in the college choir and traveled to 7 countries to sing.

I graduated from college....barely :)

I graduated from college….barely 🙂

I moved to Dallas to start my Master’s degree, dated a bunch of dumb guys, met a lot of awesome friends, and drank a lot of beer. A lot.

I graduated with a master's degree that I've never used.

I graduated with a master’s degree that I’ve never used.

Following my degree, I worked at a community center in a low-income community in East Dallas and loved it. Decided to change jobs and worked for another community center in a low-income neighborhood in West Dallas. I hated it. I now work in sales/account management for an IT company. LOVE.IT.

I met the man of my dreams in 2011.

I met the man of my dreams in 2011.

We met at a wedding in Austin. I’m sure I’ll share more about this later…All you need to know is that a 6 month old brought us together and we’ve been in love ever since.

We got married in April '13, and went on a honeymoon to Palm Island.

We got married in April ’13, and went on a honeymoon to Palm Island.

Ok, I think I’m all caught up now! 🙂 I guess this did turn in to an awfully boring post about me. Oh well! Now you know!


Now…sit back, relax, and join me on my crazy adventure!