“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Baby Shower

As I mentioned yesterday, a few of us hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law. She’s due in the next month or so with a baby girl (She already has a 3 year old boy), so it was fun to decorate and celebrate PINK!

Apparently hot chocolate is the huge craving this pregnancy, so we created a “Baby Its Cold Outside” baby shower, complete with a hot chocolate bar. So…here are the details:

The Invitation: 


I blocked out a few things for security and safety of my family members. Sorry. At least you can still tell how cute the invitation was! We ordered the digital print from Etsy HERE, and then one of the other hostesses had them printed at Office Depot.

The Set Up:

decorations and set up

For decorations, we knew we wanted to have a lot of bold pinks! We covered up the back photo wall with some plain paper and fans and snowflakes from Party Central. Since we hosted the shower in the guest of honor’s home, we wanted it to be elegant, yet still fun and casual.

The Food: 

photo 1

For food we tried to keep things as easy as possible. The “baby mamma” requested rice krispie treats, sugar cookies, and a hot chocolate bar. That was easy! I also made some Nutella Dip with graham crackers and fruit for a little something extra. We had about 15 guests, and this seemed to be just the right amount of food/treats. Practically everything was gone, with only a few cookies and rice krispies left over. Success!

photo 3

Here’s a photo of the hot chocolate bar. We also gave away the little coffee mugs (from Ikea) as favors. The recipe for the hot chocolate I used from the side of the cocoa box. Original, I know. Cheap, yes. We also had water and tea for those who didn’t want hot chocolate….especially since it was like 65* outside.

The Games: 

We ended up playing 2 games, which I thought were really cute. The first was “Don’t Say Baby” game. We gave each guest 2 clothespins, and anytime they said the word “baby” during the shower, they had to give up one of their clothespins to whoever caught them. I was terrible at this game and lost within 2 minutes after my friend made me read the invitation out loud. True story. It was pretty funny because a lot of people forgot about the game once we got going…then all of a sudden you’d here “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU SAID BABY!” We all laughed pretty hard.

The other game we played revolved around the baby’s nursery. My sister-in-law already had it all decorated so cute, so of course, everyone wanted to see it! We all took turns going back to the room to peek and take a look. Then, we passed out paper and pens and came up with some questions about “What Did You See” in the baby’s room. For example, one of the questions was “How many cats are in the baby’s room?” If you counted 4 of the pictures on the wall and the stuffed cat in the crib, then you’d be correct! Some of the other questions were tricky — “What brand lotion is on the changing table?” “What color is the rocker’s cushion (Note: there was no cushion!!)” “How many pacifiers are in the tub on the table?” This was also a really fun game to see who was really paying attention!

Overall, it was really fun day, and the theme was precious. I loved seeing all the newborn baby clothes and gadgets. I swear, by the time I get pregnant, there will be so many gadgets around that I won’t need to do anything at all!  Haha!