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Fixer Upper

In case you’re wondering how my surgery recovery is going….it’s going! Last week I had my follow up appointment, and everything is on point. I’m recovering well, and I’ve even lost about 6 pounds! Hopefully this low fat/no fat diet I will have to be on will help me in the future, too. Every day the pain gets a bit more manageable, and I’m able to bend over a bit further (which will be good when I start shaving my legs again! Ha!) Although yesterday I had quite the episode at the grocery store.

My husband and I went to Walmart to pick up our weekly groceries. I felt fine all morning, but when we got to the cash register, I suddenly got really hot and sweaty and knew something was wrong. I went to sit down on a bench nearby, and soon enough I passed out. The paramedics were called, and I took a trip to the ER to find out that everything is fine – I just had a vasal vagal episode. Basically….I just passed out for no random reason. This has never happened before so it was quite a bit scary for me, and for Dono, but after hours of xrays, EKGs, blood tests, etc – I’m all normal! Hopefully that will never happen again!

Anyways…on to my real post. Ever since we moved into our new house in November, Dono and I have been obsessed with watching Property Brothers & Fixer Upper on HGTV. I’ve always wanted the chic, modern farmhouse look, but never had the furniture to style our house that way. For one, all my furniture is hand-me-downs from my grandparents, and for two) decorating is expensive!

A few weeks ago, I got the idea to restyle one of our existing bookcases into something a little bit more farmhouse style.


I drove up to the antique mallĀ in Denton to buy some Annie Sloan Chalk PaintĀ (which was quite expensive by the way) and got to work on the bookshelf. First I removed the shelves and painted the outside of the bookshelf in Pure White by Annie Sloan. Then, I let Dono go to town, and he replaced the back of the bookshelf with pallet wood he found at his office. Then he painted the shelves, and into the house it went! And I LOVE it! Now we are talking about redoing the TV stand to match.

One thing we didn’t do is buy the Annie Sloan soft wax to finish out the project. I’m sure eventually we’ll have wished that we did, but for now its not so bad. The wax supposedly protects the paint from peeling off or chipping and makes for a nice glossy finish, but eh – I like it how it is.

Next on Dono’s to-do list for building/creating is to make us a desk/office space, a dining room table, and nightstands for our bedroom. He’s going to be quite busy! Once I’m able to move around even more and can actually lift heavy things, I’m sure I’ll be helping him!