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Bad Blogger – Tsk Tsk

Y’all. I’ve been such a horrible blogger lately. Forgive me?

I feel like my life is kind of in a “boring” stage lately. Dono and I are saving for a house…like hardcore. So every paycheck is going into savings. While this is a good thing in the long run, it sucks because all traveling and things that cost money are on hold right now. On the weekends, we are taking it easy – mainly laying out by the pool – since everything else cost money. Not to mention, by the time the work week is over, we’re so tired, we just want to catch up on sleep. During the week, its, wake up – go to work – go to the gym – fix dinner – watch an hour of tv/read – go to bed …. rinse repeat.


As far as food and exercise go…other than my Whole 30 fail – I’m doing pretty decently. We did recently purchase a Sam’s Club membership on Zulily for half the cost – so we’ve been buying chicken and some veggies in bulk to make for lunches during the week. Also, I’m still hitting up spin class every Wednesday. I’ve started to make some friends there, so its fun to see them each week. If those women went to spin everyday, I’d probably go to just to hang out with them! BUT – it makes Wednesday nights special to see them. We are all encouraging of each other, and whine together when we have to increase gears or “run” on the bike. I had taken a short hiatus after our last 5k due to some strained muscles, but its time I really start getting back into it again. If I’m going to run a half marathon this year, I’ll never complete it by only spin cycling 1x/week!

I promise I’ll be better about blogging – I just need to come up with good ideas for topics!Anyways – what are y’all up to this summer?