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The word on the street is that Google Reader will be no more after this weekend. This makes me entirely too sad as that was how I accessed and read zillions of blogs for the past 3 years. Seriously. I swear I’m like an old lady — change makes me anxious — but I feel a bit better about it now that I’m using Blog Lovin’. I just signed up and migrated my favorite blogs so I can stay in touch with those I enjoy reading about.

If you want to continue staying in touch with me — and who doesn’t!!! — then click on the link below.

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Follow on Bloglovin


Thanks, friends!


….P.S. I promise I’ll have a real post up later 🙂

iPhone Apps I Cannot Live Without

For the longest time, my cell phone bill only cost me $25 per month. How, you ask? I had this cheap bad boy…

sanyo-scp2700-sprint-pink-duoYes. It was hot pink, too! I had this phone all through grad school. It was awesome. It made phone calls and could text. I also had a Taylor Swift ringtone. Wasn’t I cool?? Although I was made fun of for…oh…3+ years for carrying this phone, my husband (he was my fiance back then) forced my to get an iPhone. We both agreed that we wanted to merge our phone plans, especially since we were getting married, and the only way for me to do that was to upgrade.

Now that I’m on the iPhone, I’ve found a few fun apps that I use almost daily.

FACEBOOK. (Isn’t that one totally obvi?)

Twitter. Another obvi…but you should follow me! – @_CarrieGregg

Instagram – follow me here, too! @_CarrieGregg

Pinterest – you can follow me here, too, if you’re really feeling stalkerish…@CarrieGregg1

Ok, ok, I promise I do more than social media on my phone…..NOT.

Find My Friends – I absolutely love this app for multiple reasons. First- I always know where my peeps are. It is helpful to know how close Donovan is to being home so I know how quickly I need to get dinner ready. Also, when friends are coming in town, I know when they are getting closer. Second – it can set alerts when people leave their location. This is also helpful. Third – I can use it to find my peeps when I’m lost. I can easily see their location and see how close or far away I am to where they are.


– My Fitness Pal – Although I’m not too good with keeping up with calorie counting or entering in my foods, it really is helpful to see how close I am to being on track throughout the day. There is such a huge database of food that is really easy to find whatever I’m looking for!

– Flixster – Donovan and I LOVE to go to the movies. Sometimes we even catch double features. Flixster helps us figure out which movies are playing in different locations. I like that it syncs with Rotten Tomatoes and you can also watch the trailers.

– Gas Buddy – If you’re anything like me, you’re really good at running out of gas. You’re always looking for the cheapest place to fill up. Sometimes you might even run out of gas driving way out of your way to find the cheap gas. Yep. That’s me. Gas buddy takes the guessing out of it and pinpoints where the cheapest gas stations are in your area. I’m all about saving some moolah where I can.

What apps out there am I missing that I don’t have yet? I’m always up to try new apps!